The Chumpzilla Award

April 22, 2008

Senator Charles Grassley, Crusading Chump

Several months ago, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa decided that the senate has a vested interest in removing the separation of church and state by calling on the fiscal investigation of 6 large churches preaching what has been called the “prosperity gospel.”

Loosely translated, the gospel claims that our kind deity not only holds untold benefits for the fateful in the afterlife, but also in the here and now. Sounds reasonable unless you look at the past history of the Almighty. After all, he gave his chosen people Israel when Hawaii or Tahiti were there for the taking. What is up with that?

In any case Senator Grassley gets this chump award, not so much for targeting these churches, who are all suspiciously of the same denomination, but because of where he got his guidance. You can almost always smell a chump when some begins to use words and has actions that are not consistent with his past activities.

Senator Chump has a very conservative voting record. Not one that you would normally align with a person who attacks churches. He has been the chairman of the finance e committee and is its ranking member (on a side note, maybe having a Chump there is why we our economy is in such great shape).

Suddenly, last fall he decides to attack 6 very Republican churches (Benny Hinn, Kennteh Copeland and others).. Churches that have always been stalwarts of helping the Republican cause even before compassionate conservatism became something you could buy on a t-shirt. I am not saying that these churches are in anyway without an sort of blemish or fault. That is not the point of my story here, I am just curious as to why a senator would suddenly focus on a group of churches that are all espousing a philosophy different than his own

So yours truly did a little research and sure enough, there is a power behind the Chump.

A group in Dallas , calling it self the Trinity group (the name comes from the fact that started in offices on Trinity street and not from any known faith issue) run by a cantankerous anti-churcher name Ole Anthony (Ole is pronounced Oh-Lee like in the Wisconsin or Minnesota OLE and LENA jokes that poke fun at people of Swedish descent as in “Lena , why don’t we take both cows out of the barn to count them?”). Anthony was lionized in a New Yorker article back in 2004. He publishes the anti-Christian magazine, The Door.

Seems they are not new to the dumpster diving business when it comes to taking on churches. Anthony claims he gave a “VW full of documents to Grassley’s office.”

What really struck me though is that Grassley did not take the time to find out who Anthony is. While Anthony did work with ABC News to go after some televangelists years ago, there have been more and more ex-members if his movement who have denounced him for running a cult himself. One ex-member, even wrote a book about the experience: “ I can’t hear God anymore

Despite having this collaborator, Grassley went on to state that he was investigating these churches because they had private planes. His comment was that “Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.” This is what made me look into this topic. That just didn’t sound like the Senator based on his history. But it certainly does sound like Ole Anthony. In fact, Senator, you look like the donkey that Ole Anthony just rode in on.

And that is why Senator Grassley wins the latest Chumpzilla award.

Senator, you are a Chump.



  1. I’ve seen a bunch of articles written about cults. My understanding is that a cult is the church down the block from yours….

    Comment by historioso5 — April 23, 2008 @ 4:01 am | Reply

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the information – will file away for future use!

    Comment by dreamer77 — April 23, 2008 @ 3:07 pm | Reply

  3. […] Many Americans have opposed the notion of a national ID card because of the fear of how that could be abused by local officials on grounds of race or creed or nation of origin. If you don’t think the government happily goes after certain faith, you should read about what Senator Grassley is up to. […]

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